Friday, October 12, 2012

"That is some alarm you've got there!"

Elder Williams with Elders Anderson & Madsen 
Elder Madsen had an alarm that we all used to wake up to.  Well obviously he is no longer here so we've had to evolve to use my alarm, which by be the loudest alarm I've ever heard.  any way, I'm' on the top bunk so in order to get the alarm I have to jump out of bed and hit it.  Seeing as it's my alarm, when 6:15 hit the next day I went to get the alarm.  Before i was out of bed I heard a loud CLANG! and then felt Elder Souza's head under my feet.  He told me later "When I heard that alarm, I jumped up and banged my head on the bar of the bunk, just about knocking myslf out.  Then as I was reaching for that alarm, I got kicked in the face.  That is some alarm you've got there!"  Maybe that disn't too funny.  But is was funny here at the MTC.  Well that's all folks! Hope to hear from ya soon!

This is me "squatting" Elder Souza.

This is what i look like as Elder Souza fireman carries me up three flights of stairs every gym time!

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