Friday, October 19, 2012

Email for week of Oct 19th

To my Beloved Family,
   What a week! Can you believe that in a little over Two weeks I will be in Mexico? Woohoo! I'm so excited. I love it here at the MTC and all but it isn't "the real deal" you know? Anyway, learned a ton this week but before that i have some people to thank. Grandma Brown thank you for your letter and also for your prayers. I hope you are healing quickly and you can expect a letter from me this week. To all my Williams cousins who wrote me messages and sent pictures to me, Thank You! I love your pictures and your wonderful messages. I will try to write you all at least a little today... but i'm not sure how much i'll actually be able to finish so maybe next week you (in Janel's mailbox) will receive notes from me. I love you all so much and can't tell you how much it means to have you all right me. Its really nice for me =)
  This was a weird week. Elder Souza was gone on Wednesday in Vegas. I have never felt so weird. It was like i was constantly missing something and i had to remind myself that Elder Souza was gone. It was just kinda awkward all day. I had to tag along with other members of my district and i felt useless. But he came back yesterday and now i'm all good. I think. Big news! I'm flying to Dallas Texas next week on tuesday to get my visa! Finally! For a while there i was a little worried i would be reassigned or something. I'm really excited to fly and talk to actual nonmembers and hopefully share what i know about the Gospel with them. I'm also kind of excited just to be in the outside world. I know it is gonna be beyond weird to go from my sheltered existence here at the MTC to the "real world", but i know it will be great. (Does anyone know if i can take a razor on the airplane?)
    In other news i ran my fastest ever mile this week (5:49) and Elder Bowen came and Spoke to us on Tuesday. He had so many great things to say that i can't write them down but i will send in my letter a little about what i got from his talk. I really feel like my time to write emails is short here in the MTC I know I will have more time in the field but right now I feel as if my emails are really discombobulated and confusing and i'm sorry about that. hopefully my letters home make a little more sense. I just wanna end with one of the most significant things i learned this week. Hermano Lloyd told us that sometimes we have to limit how much we help  others. We cannot take from them the opportunity to grow.... That was powerful to me, especially because a lot of the time i just want to give people what i know but i know they have to learn it for themselves. that was a powerful lesson for me.

 I pray all is well in the outside world and I love you tons!
Hope to hear from you soon
Elder Ben Williams

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