Friday, October 5, 2012

Today Marks One Month in the MTC

Hey Fam!

Today marks on entire month in the MTC!  That is insane!  Time is flying by and I have the feeling it isn't gonna slow down any time soon.  I'm learning lots, growing lots, thinking lots....a lot of "lots" Oh well.

Lots happened this week.  Lots happens every week (OK seriously I think I have a problem with the word "lots")  Fast Sunday is the first item on the list.  Elder Souza fasted for missionary type stuff, like learning the language, having the spirit more abundantly with us, and for our investigators to keep their commitments.  It really wasn't that hard to fast here.  In fact, I think this may have been the easiest 24 hour fast I've ever done. The speakers(and movie) that we listened to fed us spiritually to the point of bursting.  First and foremost there was the song. Some guy sang a solo. He had an incredible boice but what really got to me were the words.  O Lord My Redeemer is the name of the song.  Look it up.  It is beyond incredible.
The speakers said a lot but this is the most powerful thing that stuck out to me the most wasn't exactly something they said.
One of the speakers said something like "The Lord is preparing people in your mission for you to teach." I immediately thought, "someone (or more than one) is waiting for me to teach them.  Someone in Leon is waiting for me"  I was floored.  I can't wait to get out there to find out who needs to hear what I have to say.
We listened to a talk by Elder Holland on Sunday as well.  He said that missionaries need to make the mission "part of their soul." He said that both the good and the bad can mold us into better more converted disciples of Christ.  Another thing he said was, "The way to salvation is through Gethsemane." We have to struggle (physically, spiritually, emotionally) if we truly want the Lord to save us.  WOW!
I get the feeling that I need to tell you, despite what it may seem in some of my letters, some days are so hard!  We were in one teaching situation and we thought it was going really well until "Andres" answered his cell phone right in the middle of the lesson.  I was shocked, astounded and ever a little angry.  How could anyone be so rude?! We went back to our classroom and I was beyond discouraged.  I started wondering what I was doing here.  I felt like I was wasting my time.
Then my comp just asked if I was ok.  I don't know why but that simple gesture lifted my spirits but it did.  I started turning my thoughts outward thinking of the true reason I chose to serve a mission.  To serve the Lord through service to others.
One of the most significant happenings of this week occurred that same night. I was praying, asking forgiveness for my selfishness and bad attitude.  I was also giving thanks for each on of you (my loving fam) by name.  As I got to Josh, I immediately thought also of Sarah Annie.  I felt compelled to thank the Lord for her, specifically for her presence in my life.  I can almost feel her love at times. and that specific moment of prayer was on of them. How grateful I am that we will have the opportunity to be with her (and the little brother) in the next life.

anyway, those were a few of the happenings of the week.  Typical week in Paradise :)
thanks for the package, I love the clothes!  It is so nice not to be formal for a short span of time.  (I love the jeans!  Whose are they! oh Ben's :)) I alos loved the cookies and treats but most of all I loved the notes!  I love hearing from you all.  I also love to get photos :)  Hopw you all are well and enjoying life and the blessings we have!

Love, your Brother, Son, Friend, Elder,
Elder Ben Williams

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